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Estate planning is sometimes a topic that some people prefer to avoid but as with other forms of financial planning, the earlier this is considered, the more effective it can be.

Inheritance tax is easier to plan for than many other forms of tax as there are many strategies available to limit the amount you will pay on your estate in the event of your death. There are many options available to you when planning for inheritance tax such as trusts, life policies, business property relief and many more and subject to your needs, our team have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in each area, ensuring you receive only the highest quality of estate planning.

Our Inheritance Tax team work closely with accountants and other tax specialists to create a unique inheritance tax plan for you and in many cases can reduce inheritance tax to zero, if given enough time to implement the strategy. With the right planning it is possible to remove assets from your estate immediately and create a pro-active plan to continue to reduce the value further over the coming years.

We have had the privilege to provide this essential service for many clients, saving them millions of pounds in potential inheritance tax charges in the future and allowing them to restructure their investment portfolio to maximise many of the various allowances that are available to every UK citizen when correctly implemented.

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