FT Economist survey 2015

f07387c7-1d40-430f-8225-e695879bcde2The financial times has released the collective thoughts of some of the top economists in the World in regard to their outlook on the economy in 2015.

One of the common thoughts is the hope that lower energy prices will help bolster an otherwise flat looking economic climate in Europe. The economic sanctions in Russia and their pending financial crisis is having an effect on European countries and this mixed with the uncertainty regarding the stability of several EU members such as France and Italy make accurate forecasting even harder, as their is such mixed opinion on what the outcome will be.

Most economists are forecasting 1% growth for the year in line with 2014 but expect nothing exciting to happen at the start of the year with any gains being made towards the later half when the effects of lower energy costs and a weaker Euro start to kick in

To read the full review by the Financial Times follow the link below:

FT Economist survey 2015