Financial services, without all of the waffle!

We pride ourselves in taking a fresh and straight forward approach to Financial Services where you get the planning and guidance you need, without all of the industry waffle that’s all too common.

Companies we work with:

How we can help

As FCA regulated advisers we cover many areas of financial services. Some of our most popular services are:


From pension consolidation to pension lifetime allowance our team of experienced advisers can help.


We have a wide range of investment options from listed shares and funds to tax-efficient investments such as EIS.


Inheritance planning is something that needs to be put in place a decade before it is needed so don’t delay it.

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We’d love to see if we can help so feel free to request a callback or give us a call.

Looking for more information?

As industry experts we like to write the odd article or links to current news we feel is interesting. You can find this all here.


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“Capital Wealth Partners were extremely knowledgeable and very helpful when advising me about my pension arrangements and their tax implications recently.

 As a former banker and Managing Director of a financial services company, I value professional and clear advice – something that I received from Capital Wealth Partners.”

Nicholas Bradley

Our Story

With the aim of creating a simple, no waffle approach to financial services, Capital Wealth Partners was formed in 2015.  It began as a partnership between Michael White and Alexander Ogden. Both are FCA regulated financial advisers; and both have a passion for the industry, but not the annoying, drawn out financial services pitches used by most companies.

They decided that Capital Wealth Partners would provide clients with access to high quality advice in a no nonsense straight forward way. The aim was to simplify what has become an overly complicated industry.

Fast forward five years and they have built a wealth management firm that manages more than £60 million of client money for a diverse range of clients: from doctors and dentists to fund managers and banking executives.

“Our passion for the industry, and for people, has helped us to build an exciting business that rewards us with great clients who, in many cases, also become great friends”.

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